Island life local products

Southern Islanders engage in a multitude of manufacturing enterprises from home or small workshops. Seen here are Island Friendship Lights which have been used as gifts dating from the settlement of the Islands. The old brass and kerosene fueled lamps have been modernised to incorporate a flameless LED bulb which will operate as long as a year on 2 dry cell batteries. 
 Friendship Lights 

The long operating time symbolises strong friendship. They are also used to mark forest paths shaded from the sun where a solar powered lamp is umpractical.

Now that kerosene has been replaced by much safer electric, various colors are available and each has a different meaning. My favorite is a twinkling blue light that I use at the base of a potted plant.

Other items of local manufacturing include jewelry and tourist related goods, furniture, watercraft, fishing equipment and light metalworked items.

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