East Harbor

Club house by East Harbor docks. East Harbor is quite  upscale and usually caters to large fancy yachts. It’s the deepest harbor in the Southern Islands and was popular with pirates back in the the day. East Harbor Yacht Club has one of the only private beaches in the island group. Normally land owners cannot claim rights to any shoreline from 50 feet back from the high tide line. However, significant erosion during a storm brought the new shoreline half way up an existing property. The owner was able to declare that the shore had intruded on his property and won his case in court. After, the land use rules were amended to prevent this line of legal arguement in the future. The lot platting system on Rockinghorse Cay calls for a 20 foot easement between shoreside house lots. This allows for limited parking and access for visitors. Shoreside Develpment in general is discouraged. The locals know better than to build anything permanent, and rich foreigners who don’t care if their house washes away in a hurricane face an impressive array of zoning regulations designed to thwart such.

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