Mail service Disruption, Rockinghorse Cay

Rockinghorse Cay, SI

the mail gracy serving Rockinghorse Cay and surrounding district has been involved in a collision with the research vessel Star Hunter, sustaining minor damage above the waterline. Lady Azul is to be repaired and inspected on Dog Island over the weekend before being returned to regular service next Tuesday. Investigators have interviewed the crew of both vessels but have not yet filed a report. Crew and passengers are prohibited from commenting until the official report is released.
The Star Hunter is a common site on Forever Bank, where she searches for meteorites. Fisherman who work the bank for finfish claim the research vessel is occasionally hard to see. She is large, and frequently operates dredging equipment and ROVs, at which time she is “lit up like a carnival” but other times she is said to display only dim running lights. Weather conditions when the collision occurred, around 12:40 AM, were mild, and there was no moon. Damage to Star Hunter was reportedly limited to deck railings.

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